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‘That was an insult’: Worker says ‘billion-dollar company’ usually gifts them a turkey for Thanksgiving. Here’s what she got this year

‘They could have just given you the number to a food bank.'


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Posted on Nov 22, 2023   Updated on Nov 22, 2023, 11:41 am CST

A Thanksgiving employee appreciation basket has become the topic of a hot debate on TikTok. The gift was documented in a now-viral clip uploaded to the popular social media platform by a user who goes by Tray (@trayc01).

In her video, she is sure to not specifically name the company she works for or show any branding that would expose its identity. However, Tray had no qualms about listing all of the products that were part of the gift basket. She also questioned why the company, which is earning billions of dollars a year, decided to stop giving turkeys to its workers.

“When the company you work for tells you they don’t appreciate their employees even though they make billions a year,” Tray writes in a text overlay of the clip.

In the video, several canned foods, along with a box of macaroni and cheese and a packet of Swiss Miss chocolate are splayed out on a counter.

“I’m probably gonna get in so much trouble for making this TikTok, but I’m gonna hide the logo from where I work. But if you work there you know exactly where this is from. Usually, we get a turkey for Thanksgiving from them, but this year they changed it,” Tray says with a laugh, referring to the assortment of non-perishable goods before her.

“Cause apparently, I don’t know if they’re just not making enough money, which I’m saying that very sarcastically because they’re making plenty, but this is what they gave us instead of a turkey.”

Tray goes on to rattle off what her company thought a good Thanksgiving day “Thank You” would be: “They gave us a box of macaroni and cheese. Two envelopes of hot chocolate. Two Rolos, a little KitKat, one can of green beans, cause that’s gonna feed a family, a can of cranberry. One can of corn, one can of cream of chicken, a box of Stove Top, and then instead of a turkey this year, this,” she says, tapping a decorated box on top of the counter, but she’s sure to not show too much of its branding, which would give away who her employer is.

“It’s a bundt cake, a bundt cake okay. A frozen bundt cake. So, that is what they decided to give us instead of a turkey this year for our family,” she says at the end of the video before it ultimately closes out.

Viewers who saw the clip had several different takes on Tray’s commentary, however, there seemed to be a clear divide between those who thought that her company was being stingy versus those who said she should be grateful for anything she was given.

“Most employers don’t give anything for Thanksgiving. Count your blessings Sis! It is thanksgiving,” one person said.

Another TikTok user remarked, “I’ve never got a Thanksgiving gift from any employer for over 30yrs.”

However, there were a ton of folks who said that they thought the gift was “insulting” or that they “would rather get nothing,” than the assortment Tray displayed in her clip.

One TikToker said that those who were espousing the idea that Tray should’ve been thankful for the holiday gift package were not grasping why she was so miffed about it: “People missing the point. If you are paid adequately, you don’t need “gifts”. The turkey was instead of money, and now it’s Mac and cheese instead.”

This was a sentiment echoed by another user who also called out the gratitude gang: “The comment section is concerning, I’m glad everyone is ok with this hamster wheel, ‘be greatful’ seriously people?”

Another viewer thought the gift package was so bad they quipped that Tray could’ve simply headed over to a food bank. “They could have just given you the number to a food bank fr,” they wrote.


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Since 2021, inflation has spiked considerably in the United States, jacking up the overall cost of living for Americans, including grocery store and supermarket prices. Saving a family from having to purchase a large turkey during the holidays could make a major difference in their holiday planning.

According to BetterUp, one of the top ten reasons most employees leave their jobs is because they believe they’re being disrespected at work. And Tray, while working for an alleged billion-dollar corporation, certainly feels like she was slapped in the face with the medley of dry goods handed over to her.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Tray via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Nov 22, 2023, 3:30 pm CST